#Ultrafast Clearasil Zombie Adventure Of Epic Proportions

Client: Clearasil
Agency: Iris Worldwide
Director: Ilya Polyakov

Clearasil wanted to do a strong social media push with viral potential. AwesomenessTV partnered with Lucid to create this interactive “choose-your-own” adventure series, starring the comedy duo MadMoni, to promote Clearasil Ultra, their fast-acting acne cream.

The campaign targeted Clearasil & ATV’s teen audience, and garnered over 2 million organic views online.

Elephant Park: Virtual Building Development

Client: Lend Lease
Director: Jacob Migicovsky

London-based developer Lend Lease wanted to create a short film for their upcoming building complex to entice investors; something that showed off the yet-to-be-built environment as well as the potential resident’s lifestyle.

Smokefree Electronic Cigarettes

Client: Smokefree
Agency: Profit By Search
Director: Ilya Polyakov

Noting the viral success of our Sex With a Robot spec commercial, Smokefree approached us to do a similar long-form web spot for their burgeoning brand of electric cigs. The challenge was not only to reprise the infamous robot, but create something that looked like it had been shot in India (the brand is located in New Delhi).

Quickable App

Client: Quickable
Director: Ilya Polyakov

Boston-based startup Quickable was looking for a clean, simple video to introduce their newly developed Android app to the world. We worked directly with the client to develop the strategy and boards for this crowdsourced marketplace app.

Style of the Season

Client: ICON
Director: Jacob Migicovsky

Working with celebrated fashion photographer Michelangelo DiBattista, ICON wanted a stylish online promo to accompany their magazine spread.

Feeling Punky

Client: Cosmo Magazine UK
Director: Jacob Migicovsky

On the rooftop of a members only bar in East London, this behind-the-scenes film aimed to capture the punk style of the photoshoot, while staying true to Cosmopolitan’s global brand.